Wood Products of Northern Spruce and Pine

In our production units we employ the best suitable technologies throughout the production processes. High quality technology, skilled staff and our desire to serve our customers ensure reliable deliveries under all circumstances. Our products are produced of sustainably sourced logs and the end products are traceable throughout the entire supply chain.

In Finland, in the northern and harsh conditions, trees grow slowly into dense and durable material. The logs that we use are small and sound knotted, which gives timber its excellent tensile strength and elasticity properties. Thanks to these characteristics our products are safe to be used even in the most demanding house building projects. In addition to the superior technical properties the visual appearance of the timber is beautiful which makes it suitable for interior use also.

Sawn Timber of Pine and Spruce

Customer orientation is a key concept of our sawn timber process. In addition to our standard product range, we can produce customised sizes, lengths and moisture contents. The total production capacity of our three sawmills is over 1 million cbm annually. Approximately 70 % of the total production is pine and 30 % spruce.

In our modern sawmills the logs are sorted according to both the top diameter and quality of the log into different log classes aimed for different end products. We use x-ray sorting in the log sorting lines to ensure that each log is best suited for the product it will be used for.

Keitele laivausmerkit

Planed Products

Keitele Group is the biggest producer of planed products in Finland. We are focusing on the production of structural timber and components for the building sector. With our three versatile planing lines we can also machine the rough saw timber produced by our own sawmills to the finished sizes and profiles according to the customers’ specifications.

Finger-jointed Structural Products

The finger-jointed structural products are straight and accurate in measure. The products are well suited for framework in building industry.


Our state-of-art gluelam factories in Keitele and Kemijärvi produce beams and posts of top quality for building industry. The raw material used comes from Keitele sawmills and the density, strength and accuracy in measure and shape is all world class. These top characteristics are required for example when building safe homes in the earthquake volatile areas in Japan. Keitele Wood Products Oy has been accredited with the JAS gluelam certificate. Both our gluelam and planed products are sold under AurorazaiÔ trademark.

Pellettejä kourallinen

Side Products

As side products of our production processes, we do accumulate big volumes of saw dust, bark and chips.  We do utilise these side products for energy and pellet production.


Declarations of Performance

You can download the Declarations of Performance of Keitele Group here. The DoP’s are currently available in Finnish only.

For further information about our products please do contact our sales team.