Family Business at Your Service

Keitele Group is a family run business founded in 1981. The company has grown into one of Finland’s largest mechanical wood processing companies. Keitele log procurement areas are located close to the production units in Keitele in Eastern Finland, Alajärvi in Ostrobothnia, and Kemijärvi in Lapland.

Keitele Group consists of three independent companies. Parent company Keitele Forest Oy is responsible for the log procurement, Keitele Timber Oy cuts the logs into sawn timber and Keitele Wood Products Oy is the further processing division of the group. The core business of Keitele Group is responsible and sustainable log procurement 100 % from Finnish forests and production of sawn timber and further processed items.

Operations Based on Values

Keitele Group is a family-owned business run by Ilkka Kylävainio and his two sons Matti and Mikko. Keitele as an employer looks after the skilled employees. A career path at Keitele can be long and rewarding.

Over the years Keitele Group has established a group of trustworthy long-term partners who have acknowledged the way that Keitele operates. This network of hundreds of talented and skilled people have a mutual understanding and are working for a common goal.

Keitele Group in Figures (vuosi 2020)

Turnover: EUR 292 million
Investments: EUR 24,8 million
Equity Ratio:  42,3%
of Exports of Total Production: 94 %
Deliveries of Sawn Timber: 860.000 m³ (approx. 70% pine, 30% spruce)
Deliveries of Further Processed Goods: 325.000 m³
Consumption of Logs: over 2 million m³ (equals to about 38,000 lorry loads)
Number of Employees: 550 people
Exports: to over 40 different countries


We want to be the most innovative producer of sawn timber and further processed items. We aim to develop our product range and the quality of our products together with our customers to correspond to the needs and requirements from various markets.


Our customers choose us again and again. We do highly value our long-term customer relationships and we aim to support our customers by offering them improved solutions. Our products are ecological and of high and consistent quality. Because of the ability to bind carbon, wooden products also help in the change towards a carbon neutral society.


Customer Orientation

In Keitele Group customer orientation begins from the forest. We do value good forest management practices and do expect that also from our logging partners. We do source logs from well-managed PEFC certified forests in Finland and the end products are traceable throughout the entire supply chain.

The business idea of Keitele Group has all the way from the start been to produce what the buyers do need. The incentive to the production process, which starts in the Finnish forests and can end up anywhere in the world, is the order placed by the customer.


We do invest in all our production facilities to be able to implement the customer-oriented production philosophy as effectively as possible and to be able to utilise the raw material to the maximum.

We do employ the latest innovations that do correspond to the environmental requirements of today, improve work conditions and increase productivity.

Looking After the Environment and the People

We do highly value sustainable development. We do want to look after our employees, partners, contractors, and other stakeholders as well as our customers. Keitele has not once fired or made employees redundant.

Keitele Group is committed in mitigating the climate change and we are doing our share towards a carbon neutral society. We believe that the solution is a sustainable utilisation of forests for the needs of the humankind.

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